Reading at Bollinbrook CE Primary

We place a huge importance on the value of reading. As parents/carers you will appreciate the huge impact that fluency in reading has on a child's learning.

However, as with any other skill, fluency in reading is achieved through practice. We encourage the children to read outside of lessons in class at least four times per week.

In school we do not use one particular reading scheme. The school has invested in a range of schemes that offer a variety of genres. These books are carefully graded into book bands. When you know your childs book band, you will be able to select books from different reading schemes with confidence, knowing that they are at the right level for your child.

We know that as parents/carers you are always willing to support your childs learning in any way that you can and as a school, we hope that you will be able to encourage your child to read as widely as possible.


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