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Bollinbrook CE Curriculum Development.

At Bollinbrook we teach following a cross-curricular and multi-sensory approach.  Each teacher (or teachers where more than one has responsibility for a class) plans units of work related to a theme which aims to bring together areas of learning. This learning is delivered by means of a range of activities and outcomes and enhanced by visits, visitors and multi-sensory experiences such as dance, drama and music.

Literacy and numeracy form part of our-cross curricular approach but at times are also taught discretely. Literacy is taught daily with a major focus on developing a range of writing skills and each class has a session of guided reading each day. Numeracy uses a range of support materials.

We have a specialist music teacher who works with the school each week and who is also responsible for leading our extra-curricular and Wider Opportunities provision.  The Wider Opportunities Programme provides free instrumental tuition and instrument loan for the whole of Year 5 with ensemble tuition provided each Monday. Extra-curricular provision includes a senior band (part of our Gifted and Talented programme) and a choir. We also have a range of peripatetic tutors who work with individuals and small groups.

In the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) we also follow a cross-curricular approach to learning but with many of the learning activities being inspired by the children’s own interests. Typically this will be planned in the following way: The children will bring an idea or an item of interest to the class; the EYFS staff will then draw from the children questions and ideas to explore in a range of ways; this will be ‘mapped’ with the children present and from this the staff will make reference to the learning outcomes contained within the early years framework and ‘Development Matters’.

In order to help parents/carers support their children’s learning the class teachers send home a class newsletter at the beginning of each term. This newsletter outlines the main areas of learning planned for the class and offers suggestions as to how parents can support and extend this in various ways such as useful websites, places to visit or suggested books. 


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