Year 3 2018 - 2019

Mrs Brotherhood

                              Welcome back after Christmas!

It is a new year, new term and new topic.

This term we will be studying ANCIENT EGYPTIAN EXPLORERS!

We will be thinking about where is Egypt, the importance of the Nile River in farming and civilisation.

We will also look at Ancient Egyptian beliefs in gods, death, burial and the afterlife.

In English we will write letters about our discoveries and keep explorer diaries. We will write about mummification and sequence instructions on how to make a mummy!

In art we will make tomb pictures and in DT a model shadouf to bring water up from the Nile.

In RE we will look at the life of Jesus and then move onto celbrating Easter throught the performing arts.

In maths we will look at multiplication and division, data and statistics, length and perimeter and finally fractions!

In science we will look at classifying animals by observable features and what we know about them, building on from year 2 and thinking about mammal, insect, fish, arthropods, molluscs, birds, invertebtate and vertebrate, 




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Creativity Week, by Mrs Brotherhood

Emoji, by Mrs Brotherhood

Time Trips, by Mrs Brotherhood

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Not a stick!, by Mrs Brotherhood

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FoB meeting, by Mrs LeMarinel

FoB meeting, by Mrs LeMarinel

FoB meeting, by Mrs LeMarinel

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